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Press Release (For Immediate Release)
31st August 2017

Boasting a world-class learning environment for children featuring  close to 100,000 square feet of space and a top-notch teaching team, Dalton School Hong Kong announces its Grand Opening with an Open House

Located at the West Kowloon Cultural District, Dalton School Hong Kong (DSHK) is a non-profit, child-centered and dual-language (Putonghua and English) primary school. The school was founded upon the world-renowned Dalton Plan and complemented with a collaboration with Tsinghua University Primary School in creating a dual-language and multicultural learning community. Upholding the school motto of “I’m not led, I lead”, teachers in DSHK, who have been recruited from all over the globe, are dedicated to helping students achieve the learning objective of “Dual-language, Dual literature and Interculturality” and nurturing bilingual talents with Chinese virtues and global exposure. In order to formally introduce the school mission and its excellent teaching team to educators, parents and children, DSHK held an Open House on 19th August 2017 and marked a tremendous success.

The Opening Ceremony held in the morning commenced with a welcoming speech by Mr. Chen Shuang, JP, of China Everbright Charitable Foundation Co. Ltd, and Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer China Everbright Limited, followed by remarks by the members of the Foundation Board, Ms. Eva To, Ms. Peggy Yeoh and Mr. Larry J. Leaven, the Founding Principal of DSHK, who in turn shared the philosophy, mission and vision of the school. A video was then played featuring warm congratulations from Professor Yang Bin, Vice President of Tsinghua University, and Dr. Dou Guimei, Principal of Tsinghua University Primary School. Prof. Wang Tianyi, Co-Director of Center for PPP of Tsinghua University and professor of Tsinghua University also presented a piece of calligraphy written by Dr. Dou, featuring the school motto in Chinese to the Founding Principal.

The establishment of DSHK is made possible with the support of four corporate founding partners. As a token of appreciation, souvenirs were presented to the corporate founding partners by the members of the Foundation Board: Ms. Emily Chan to Mr. Chen Shuang, JP, representative of China Everbright Charitable Foundation Co. Ltd, and Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of China Everbright Limited; Dr. Helen Wright to Mr. Lee Seng Huang, representative of Sun Hung Kai & Co. Foundation Limited, and Group Executive Chairman of Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited; Dr. Philip Zhai to Ms. Rosanna Whong, representative of CITIC Capital Charitable Foundation Limited, and Managing Director, Head of Human Resources of CITIC Capital Holdings Limited; and Ms. Kristzann Tong to Dato’ Seri Cheah Cheng Hye, representative of Value Partners Group Limited, and Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Value Partners Group Limited. Then, members of the Foundation Board, representatives of the corporate founding partners, the Founding Principal and four student representatives were invited on stage to officiate the Opening Ceremony. By opening a giant book together and completing it with the puzzle pieces, the book emitted a radiant light to reveal the most valued student qualities of DKSH, namely perseverance, flexibility, independent learning, confidence, empathy, respect and responsibility. The guests were then invited to step outside to watch a lion dance performance, marking a successful conclusion for the Opening Ceremony.

The guests then took pleasure in exploring the campus spanning close to 100,000 square feet, and designed by world famous design firm P&T Group. They were invited to take a glimpse on the inventive and interactive learning experiences offered by DSHK via a variety of activities featuring elements of traditional Chinese culture and innovative technologies, including Chinese calligraphy, Chinese flower arrangement, Virtual Reality experience and robot-making workshops, and enjoyed a fun-filled carnival while gaining a better understanding of the school.

Mr. Larry J. Leaven, the Founding Principal of DSHK, remarked, “At DSHK, we fully understand that the world that our students are facing today is very different from the world that most of us experienced as students. Our global society demands that our children to master different languages and cultures. Our dual-language Putonghua and English learning environment is designed to meet the needs of the unique and diverse Hong Kong community. We believe the unique philosophy and student-centered model of the DSHK will open up an extraordinary learning journey for all children. We are delighted to have with us today many friends who are concerned about children development and have made great effort to enhance the quality of education in Hong Kong. We look forward to welcoming more like-minded people to join our community through the Open House today and work together for our children’s future.”

Dalton School Hong Kong is currently open for Year 1 – 3 applications for the school year of 2018-2019. We welcome applications of all nationalities, religions and ethnic heritages. For application or enquiry, please visit our website  

About Dalton School Hong Kong

Dalton School Hong Kong is a non-profit, child-centered and dual-language (Putonghua and English) school integrating the heritage of Chinese culture and traditions with the world-renowned Dalton Plan under the motto of “I’m not led, lead”. Our curriculum was developed from the curriculum of Tsinghua University Primary School and strengthened by the collaboration with global leaders, guiding students through inquiry, collaboration and active learning. Our community emphasizes on moral values and academic excellence, aiming to inspire students to become self-motivated, resilient and independent.

Address: G/F, Imperial Cullinan, 10 Hoi Fai Road, Kowloon