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Our Commitment to Art, Technology and Well-Being

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy is a core part of our Chinese history, culture, and values program with an emphasis on energy in motion, brush strokes, ink, and the ways that calligraphy can cultivate and impact one’s character.

Design Technology (Makerspace)

At DSHK we understand the significant role that technology plays in the life of our students. Our design and technology classes, along with our innovative Makerspace classroom, provide our students with a wide range of design and technology experiences. Each authentic learning experience will inspire our DSHK students and empower them as innovative and creative problem solvers.


Drawing, sculpture, painting, wood-working, ceramics are just a few of the visual art mediums that our DSHK artist will experience. Through comprehensive learning experiences, students will investigate art throughout history and across diverse cultures to better understand the vital contribution the arts make to the quality of our lives.


Performing, creating, and responding to music are the fundamental music processes in which humans engage. We believe that students learn by doing – singing, playing instruments, moving to music, and creating music enable them to acquire musical skills and knowledge that can be developed in no other way. Listening to, analyzing and evaluating music are important building blocks of musical learning.

Drama & Dance

Dance and drama are intellectual, creative and physical art forms that enable students to learn about the richness and diversity of expression and communication. Attending and creating theatre experiences promote self-expression, empathy and collaboration. With the physical body as the means to experiential learning, our program engages children in a variety of classical, post-modern and contemporary dance and theatrical traditions to support individual learning styles, interests and abilities.

Physical Education

“If the body stops moving, so will the brain”. This is particularly true for young bodies and young minds.  Numerous researchers have shown that physical activities and keeping active will improve children’s ability to think and will lead to superior cognitive performance. In DSHK, throughout the early years, children will develop gross and fine motor coordination, physical fitness, overall proficiency, seeing the benefit of exercise and team sports. We do not just limit motion and movement to regular PE lessons but integrate and expand it into daily learning routines. Our overall approach to physical education encourages a healthy attitude toward fitness, wellness, and positive self-esteem.

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