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Nancy, Lijuan, Du

Welcome to Dalton School Hong Kong! As a passionate educator, I am honored to be able to join the Dalton team to participate in and witness the birth of a unique school. Throughout the past 20 years, I have worked in many leading international and bilingual schools in Beijing and Hong Kong, engaged in teaching and administrative roles and I have a deep understanding of the challenges of a successful dual language program.

The Hong Kong educational landscape offers numerous international or bilingual schools from which to choose. As a brand new school, DSHK has unique characteristics and advantages reflected in a variety of areas. DSHK ensures that bilingualism, bi-literacy and cross-cultural competence are targeted student learning outcomes, aimed at cultivating learners to have a Chinese soul and an international perspective.

In addition, our partnership with Tsinghua University Primary School highlights the power of Chinese elements in a child’s early education. This partnership will ensure that students who study in this specific “east meets west” context will naturally acquire Chinese culture and Chinese values. Utilizing the Tsinghua University Primary School’s theme-based teaching and learning approach will especially help to develop well-rounded learners with strong and confident personalities.

As a result of this comprehensive approach to student learning, the deep cooperation between Chinese and Western teams at DSHK will allow students to gather insights and positive influences from both education systems. This bi-cultural learning perspective will help students retain the rigorous, reflective tradition from the Chinese side, while benefiting from the analytical, open characteristics of the western educational approach.

We believe the unique philosophy and student-centered model of the DSHK will open up an extraordinary learning journey for all children!

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