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Our Overarching Tenets

The overarching tenets of DSHK influence and drive our instructional program to promote the development of the whole child. They are based on international standards, dual language research, the Dalton Plan and THPS’s rich traditions. Each tenet underpins the foundational structures of DSHK and guides teachers as facilitators of learning.


Achievement of international standards and benchmarks

US Common Core for English, which is widely used in leading schools around the world, and Adapted THPS Core for Chinese. We will use best practice assessment systems aimed at understanding and guiding students’ learning.


Focus on values, character, and cross cultural awareness

by leveraging THPS’s theme-based approach where core values and virtues are inculcated through stories about righteousness, friendship, trust, honesty, and through specific community values, behaviors and attitudes as individuals and cross cultures.


Solid Chinese study, achieving rigour through

adopting THPS’s foundation and personalized 1 + X curriculum. “1” refers to core foundational skills with a strong emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing. The “X” refers to the personalized extension of the core skills in accordance with a student’s individual interests, thus exposing them to real and deeper essence of Chinese culture—Chinese Classics, calligraphy, painting, chess.


Balanced and integrated approach to English and Chinese

To build a solid foundation and high academic competency in both languages, instead of working separately like in many schools, our Chinese and English teachers and subject teachers will be working as a team, fully integrating the overall curriculum.


Instructional practices or models that promote self-directed learning

and weave well-researched components such as Accountable Talk and Social and Emotional Learning into overall school and curriculum planning.


Effective and innovative learning structures

guided by the Dalton Plan (House, Assignment, Lab and Lesson) and the latest research.

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