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Tsinghua University Primary School (THPS) is a nationally renowned and highly innovative school in China. Originally set up as a school for families of Tsinghua University professors and staff over 100 years ago, it is now setting standards around the world as a leader in innovation, research and global outlook. The school’s six-year primary education aims to nurture students to be moral, thoughtful, write well, be articulate and scholarly. In Chinese, it is summed up beautifully as:


DSHK is very honored to partner with THPS, not only for its reputation and rich traditions, but also because the two schools share similar values. In DSHK, we uphold the school motto of, “I’m not led, I lead” to reflect our commitment to student-centered learning. The ultimate goal of THPS is to provide students with “a healthy, positive and engaging learning experience.”

THPS’s well-researched curriculum, leading-edge teaching materials and award-winning teaching resources will greatly enhance DSHK’s standards of Chinese study. Through this unique collaboration DSHK is creating a dual-language, multicultural learning community – one that promotes Chinese culture as well as one seeking to achieve the highest ideal of “Laying a wise and honorable foundation for life.”

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